I was born in 1972 and am the oldest female in the Southern Resident Community to have given birth. I am 45 years old, and now I am the Matriarch of J-Pod, being the oldest Orca in J-pod living today since Granny died in 2016.

I miss Granny, who was so wise and who knew so much. She told us stories about what life was like before the ocean became sick with noise and pollution, and before our babies were captured and taken away. It was a magical, wonderful time we can only dream of. I will pass on Granny’s stories to the other young whales so we can remember that time in our Myths and Traditions.

I have had 6 babies. Four are living today:

MIKE (J-26) born in 1991

ALKI (J-36) born in 1999

ECHO (J-42) born in 2007

SCARLET (J-50) born in 2014

Karin Beviere

I studied cultural anthropology in school and loved studying about different medical paradigms and shamanism. I worked in the environmental field for a while and then realized to help heal the earth, we need to first heal ourselves.