Spirit L-22

I was born in 1971 and have 1 surviving son: Solstice (L-89). I just have a small family but I do like to be surrounded by them (my son, my brother Onyx (L-87)) and other male companions.

Lindy Sisson is known on the coast for her work as the Executive and Artistic Director of the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and The ACT Arts Centre. In July 2017 she will be joining the Port Theatre in Nanaimo as Interim General Manager. She has two adult children and wants them and all earths children to live in a world that respects and protects the natural world and all the living beings in it.

“It’s been awhile since Orca have been spotted on any of the Ferries I’ve been on, and I go back and forth from Vancouver to Victoria and Nanaimo a lot. My last trip it was too windy for the Ferries and I was lucky enough to be able to take the Helijet back. As you look down at the ocean from above – what you see are tankers not orcas… and I had this horrible sinking feeling about what the Georgia Strait and the Salish Sea would look like if the pipeline expansion and LNG projects were to go ahead… the tankers will drowned out the Orcas, in noise and in numbers… and we simply cannot let that happen. I closed my eyes and asked the Creator to show me what it should look like – and pictured seeing more Orcas than tankers, and plenty of fish for them to thrive on!

I am absolutely humbled and elated at the same time to represent one of the 78 remaining Orcas. Lady L22 from L Pod is called Spirit and that makes my spirit soar. And now I have to rise to the occasion to represent L22 with as much spirit as possible! She is 46, so I have 10 years on her and I hope she lives well past me. Being a prairie girl from Peace River, my love affair with Orcas and the ocean didn’t begin until I was in my 20’s and had my first sighting while sailing across the Strait to the Gulf Islands. Later my ex-husband and I bought a 32’ sailing boat and we named her Spyhop and painted an Orca spyhopping on her side. I’m no longer a boat owner, but still sail… and am sad to say the chance of seeing orcas seems to keep getting slimmer, and that’s not good.

My field is the arts and when artists create work that speaks to us it can change lives. Because the turmoil and troubles of the world can get us down and leave us wondering what on earth can I do about any of this… my quest has therefore been to focus on a few world issues and try to make a difference… while having as much fun as possible doing so (which was my father Hal Sisson’s motto). While at the Children’s Festival we dedicated a day for a Salish Sea event which we produced with Holly Arntzen and Briony Penn was also involved. I was part of Dancers for Change, raising awareness about female trafficking and abuse against women. In 2015 my film HONOUR DANCE (under my name on youtube) was created in protest against Alberta’s Tar sands, the Northern Gateway pipeline and tankers in the Great Bear Rainforest. And this past fall my daughter and I produced a Fringe Festival show called I HAVE MY OWN STEPS MOM about our family’s showbiz and dance history (also on my youtube channel) which was sponsored by my Mom – as long as we dedicated the show to stopping the Site C Dam! Now I am thrilled to be helping as an event producer and choreographer as part of our Orca Soundings Super Pod on May 28 in the Walk for the Salish Sea.

If this project moves you in any way – PLEASE TAKE ACTION – we need to speak out for the Orcas who have no say in man’s world that is destroying theirs.”