I was born in 1999 and am 18 years old.

I am the third baby of SLICK (J-16) born in 1972. My Mom is the oldest J-Pod orca living today, after GRANNY (J-2) died in December 2016.

My older brother is MIKE (J-26) born in 1991

My younger sisters are:

ECHO (J-42) born in2007

SCARLETT (J-50) born in 2015

Melanie Furman is an artist and grower on Salt Spring Island. She is also the founder and owner of Culturalive! fermented foods and the mother of Tinaye.

I am 44 years old from Fredrick Maryland, but now live on Salt Spring Island, BC.

I migrated to the coast from Ontario when i was 17. I knew i was home when my toes touched the salty Salish Sea, 28 years ago. My awe and reverence was sparked the first time I witnessed a pod of orcas while crossing the Georgia Straight, and I want this to be experienced  forever by every child who comes to these shores.

My heritage is Romanian, Irish German and Polish and my great grandparents emmigrated to the US. My parents and my sibling and I moved to Canada when I was a baby. I now have an 8 yr old son.

I love being outside with the  trees, ocean, birds, praying and giving gratitude for all the abundance we have. Being with my child, yoga, hiking, ceremony and meditating are what keep me whole and are my lifelines to my true self.

I joined this project because all beings need home and food and to be free. Orcas and the creatures in the sea are way more valuable than making money. We can live with a lot less than we think (like less money, less fuel, less stuff), but we need a clean ocean for our survival.