I was born in1985 and I am 32 years old.

I have one living daughter, COOKIE (J-38) who was born in 2003.

My daughter, RHAPSODY (J-32) died in 2014.

My son, DOUBLESTUF (J-34) died in 2016. He was hit by a ship in the prime of his life, being only 19 years old. He was strong, healthy and loved to play.

Since I only have one live daughter, I often travel with PRINCESS ANGELINE (J-17) and her family, and also I travel with the J-11 family:



MAKO (J-39)

Sivalla Lin

I am from Salt Spring Island and have 2 children and eight grandchildren!

I love the beauty of nature and want to protect it. I enjoy  kayaking, playing music and singing, organic gardening, and fibre arts.
The orcas are like family to me. I swim in the ocean and kayak whenever possible.