Hi! My name is Tahlequah and I am a 19 year old mother. My son, Notch (7 years old) is known as a bit of a mischief maker and with his cousins, Star and Moby , they get into all kind of scrapes.Hence I have my work cut out for me keeping them in tow.

      We are a real social family and fortunately I get lots of support from their Mums, and my Mum too (who is Princess Angelina (J-17)). We have an awesome family and I love them all so much. I even have a baby sister, Kiki (J-53) who is not even 2 years old yet!


      I have never understood why we are called “killer whales” Sure, we eat salmon (I love Chinook) and we must kill them to survive but heck, don’t humans eat fish to survive? How come we don’t call them “killer humans” (although maybe we should?)

Tangachee Goebl

I am a 65 year old matriarch and I have 2 children, a boy and a girl. My name, Tangachee means ‘younger sister’, which I am. It reminds me of my whale buddy, Tahlequah who is an older sister! I have a 7 year old grandson called Lyam and Tahlequah has a 7 year old son, Notch. Lyam loves playing in the water and pretending he is a whale!

I love paddling in the Southern Gulf Islands in my bright green Solstice kayak. I imagine what it would be like to be a whale as I glide through the water, my rudder is my tail and my paddles propel me forward. I watch with alarm at the increasing amount of debris I see floating in the ocean and on our beaches.  I pray that our whales will know the difference between all this plastic garbage and the salmon they so dearly love to eat. Please save these mighty creatures so that our grandchildren and our great grandchildren can continue to enjoy them and to share their habitat.