I was born in 1995 and am 22 years old.

I lost my Mom in 2008, and now have two living brothers:

BLACKBERRY (J-27) born in 1991

MAKO (J-39) born in 2003

We three are the only living members of our family group. We often travel with PRINCESS ANGELINE’S family and with OREO’S family.

I am old enough to have a baby, so I hope that when I do conceive, my baby will be healthy and strong and live a long life.

Tara McLean

My name is Tara MacLean-Grand and I am a mother of three girls, as well as a singer and songwriter.  I love these whales.  They have always fascinated me. Their power, their beauty, their song.  I was born on Prince Edward Island, but moved to the west coast when I was 14.  I was blown away by the First Nations paintings and carvings and how the Orca  has such a deep connection and story in their lives and art.  When I was 19, the protest to protect Clayoquot sound was in full swing, and I fell in love with Tofino and the ancient forests and went to jail in their defence. experiencing the power of peaceful protest changed my life forever.  

This whale that I am paired with has two girls. Tsuchi (J31) loves to be present when babies are being born.  I am also a doula and have helped many mamas through their births.

   We were successful in Clayoquot sound, and we will be successful in stopping the pipeline.  We will protect these whales and the rest of our precious ecosystem. No surrender.