Britt McLeod 

I am  28 years old. Although I grew up around the world, the land and people I connect with most are on the Southern BC coast. My ancestral heritage is Scottish and Swedish and I am fifth generation Canadian.

My family consists of hard working folks who are connected to the rolling hills of the prairies as well as the rolling waves of the ocean.

I am a sailor and a climber. I feel most alive when I am close to the natural world and in tune with the changing seasons. I love to learn about the inter-connectivity of ecosystems, humans, non-humans and spirits. Although I work as an environmental educator, I would call myself an environmental learner. The deeper I walk into the forest or swim into the sea, the more I discover.

I feel a sense of kinship with the Southern Residents and in turn feel a responsibility to protect them. They are sentient beings that we can learn so much from. This keystone species of the Salish Sea deserves the right to flourish!