J-49 T’LEM I’NGES (Pronounced Teelem Eenges – Male)

I was born in 2012 and am 5 years old. My name means “Singing Grandchild,” and I was named at a traditional Samish Nation Naming Ceremony on June 29, 2013.

I belong to Samish’s family (J-14). My Mother is Hy’Shqua (J-37), my Aunt is Suttles (J-40) and my Uncle is Se-yi-chn (J-45). We all received our names through the Samish Nations Ceremonies.

The Samish People believe we are relatives, and they honour us as part of their human family. We feel deeply connected to the Samish People. We know they love and care for us, as deeply as they do their human families.

We also know there are many other people who love us, and want to protect us. Granny told us stories about how abundant and clean the oceans of the Salish Sea were before people started building factories and polluting the sea. Our world has changed since Granny was born. We hope to once again swim in a clean and abundant ocean.