Jyah Flam

I am 22 and I was born and raised on Saltspring Island, BC. I was raised by my single mother Carolyn Flam who is a school councillor and was once a kayak guide in the Gulf Islands. Now our family has grown to 4, I have a stepsister who is 5 years old and a lovely step father, Jordy Sharp who has also lived on Salt Spring for the last 20 or so years.
 I am in my graduating year at Quest University and am Studying Sustainable Architecture. I hope to apply for Architecture at UBC for the 2018-2019 year. My hobbies include surfing, kiteboarding, camping, skiing, soccer and drawing.

My childhood friend, Ronan Gunn, asked me to join him for this project, and I couldn’t say no. Orcas are a symbolic species for both determining the health of my home’s environment as well is an important symbol for native cultures in coastal BC, a culture that we should respect, and learn about to better inform how to treat our land and oceans. Every action, every art piece, every voice,  matters, and I think this project has a strong message to say and I will be proud to contribute to.