J-46 STAR 

I was born in 2009 and am 8 years old. I am the first baby born to Polaris (J-28).

Since I lost my Mother and baby brother in 2016, I have been travelling with my remaining family members – my Grandmother, Princess Angeline (J-17), my Aunt Tahlequa (J-35), my aunt Kiki (J-53), uncle Moby (J-44) and cousin Notch (J-47).

I feel so grateful to be part of such a large family and to have their support and love.

Kim Christie

Kim feels blessed to have been born a magical child – curious about many things: nature, art, healing modalities, yoga, meditation, gardening, cooking, and kayaking to name a few. She has explored these particular passions for decades. After traveling for a few years she immersed herself in Art, until it became as necessary to her as breathing. At the same time, she began her studies in bodywork, yoga and meditation. Kim expanded her healing practice in an Ayurvedic Spa for 8 years, where she practiced 11 different therapies. With age and a lot of experience, Kim wanted to bring it all together to share her many joys with children. Now, as a Waldorf preschool teacher, she is pushed to delve even deeper into matters of the heart where play, creativity and nature are sacred.