I was born in 2007 and am 10 years old. I am the third calf of Slick (J-16), who is now the oldest and wisest orca in J-Pod, after Granny (J-2) died.

I love to play, jumping out of the sea and landing with a big splash. I love to swim in the kelp beds and feel the soft seaweed on my skin. I love to play with my baby sister, Scarlet (J-50) and my nephew, Sonic (J-52).

Stella McLean

My name is Stella, I’m eleven and I’m in the Grand pod 🙂

This unique species is so Important to me. I think they are beautiful, but they are having some problems with the pipeline, it made me very sad to hear this. That is why I’m supporting them in this.

I love all sea creatures, I want all of them to stay alive. I love my special Orca Echo (J-42). She is female, 10 years old and has a younger sister named Scarlet (J-50) and is an aunt to Sonic (J-52). I also have little sister so I know what that’s like!

What I love about orcas is how elegant they are, they swim like underwater angels, they can’t be cooped up in some aquarium though, because then they will not get enough exercise and their dorsal fins will  become droopy.

So the pipeline carries oil, but it is not really oil, it is something called bitumen, and if that gets into the ocean it can’t be cleaned up. We can’t let this happen.