My name is Ted, and I am a lover of nature and all of the systems that weave together to provide it with life and sustenance. I am also a father of 3 girls and the adopted brother of Mega, a 40-year old orca that has been observed for 39 years!  He is recognizable for having a tall dorsal fin, which makes me really happy as it is in such stark contrast to the drooping dorsal fins of orcas in captivity.  I love orcas because of the role that they play in maintaining a balanced food chain. They are fierce hunters, and work together as a team incredibly well.

I wish we could work together to help protect the orcas so that we can all benefit from a healthy and sustainable ocean and planet.  I have put my freedom on the line in protesting against the harsh treatment of orcas in the past, and am happy to be lending my voice to protecting them in the present.  May we all recognize our relationship to these majestic animals and the value they hold both in the science of nature and the poetry of myth and cultural tradition.

Go Mega, go!