I am a 15 year old male and the only child of Opus (K-16).  Being in my mid teens, my dorsal fin is really starting to grow and should continue to do so for a couple of years yet. I have a saddlepatch that is a lot like my mom’s but mine is more grey while hers is really white.  

My family is very lucky because we  have a whale called Cappuccino (K-21) who hangs around us a lot.  He is like one of the family and kind of an older brother to me.  My mom told me Cappuccino has no mother or any other living brothers or sisters left !  He has kind of latched onto my me and mom.  I’ve heard that sometimes that’s what happens when a whale loses his or her family and is all alone.  We are social beings and to survive we have to have companionship.  With me being so young still, and our family being so small, it probably makes sense that he has gravitated towards us.  And we are all happier


Adam Claxton