I am the middle offspring of Lea (K-14) and the sister to Lobo (K-26) and Kelp (K-42).  I also have an Aunt Opus (K-16) and one cousin Sonata (K-35).

I was born in 2003 which makes me 14 years old.  I still stick pretty close to my family.  During the summer months, we spend a fair bit of time socializing with members of  J pod.  This is great for me because I get to hang out and play with  whales my own age.  I love to socialize and play!  It’s one way I can find out what the other whales are up to, share whale tales and make friends!   This makes me feel like I’m part of a much bigger family than just my mom and siblings.

April Bencz

Raised on the banks of the Campbell River, a coastal community on Vancouver Island, April is passionate about keeping an eye on the wild faces and places in her expansive backyard (the BC coast). She spends her time exploring the relationship between humans and wilderness via wildlife photography, conservation storytelling, and through writing and poetry. April’s love of diving (scuba, rebreather, freediving) led her to pick up a camera, take it 80ft underwater where her passion for photography was first sparked. Working with charismatic species such as coastal wolves and wild salmon, whether fins, fur, or feathers, April’s focus is on reconnecting people to the natural world photograph by photograph, word by word.