I have been a senior male member of the K pod for many years.  I was born in 1986.  My older  sister Raggedy (K-40) and I became very close after my mom died as we had no other siblings.  It was a huge thing to lose our mother.  In orca families, both males and females stay with their mother for life and families can consist of up to five generations of whales, all related to each other by their mother.    When my sister passed away about 5 years back, I was left completely on my own.   All of the sudden, I was an orphan.  I am lucky though, because my pod is, in a way, my extended family.  We share a common language and congregate at various times to socialize and travel together.

I can now be seen travelling with Opus (K-16) and her son Sonata (K-35).   It is only in rare cases, such as mine, that a whale will join another matriline or family of whales.  Instinct , which is the key to my survival,  tells me that I am better off this way.