Born in 1993, I am the third offspring of Lea (K-14) but the first to survive past infancy.  My mother and I and my two younger siblings Yoda (K-36) and Kelp (K-42) are very close so if you spot one of us  you can be assured that the rest of the family is not far off.

At 24 years, I am a very large, mature male.  In fact, I am one of just three fully grown males in the K pod.  Being of reproductive age, I have become quite social and so you will sometimes see me hanging out with other whales my age.  The surest way to  identify me is by my super straight and tall dorsal fin that is slightly rounded at the top.  Compared to the other mature males in K pod, my dorsal fin is narrower than average.  I also have a very white saddlepatch.