I was born in 1986 and have 1 daughter, Fluke (L-105) born in 2004. Unfortunately I lost my 2nd calf at birth. It was devastating for me and I carried my dead baby around with me for 2 days before I was ready to let it go.

I seem to be very easily recognizable since I have a very distinct pencil-line running through my saddlepatch. It means I have to be sure to keep out of trouble!

Maya Porebska-Smith

I am  21 years old and am from Saltspring Island, BC. My family are quite the crew! I have awesome hippies as parents and a best friend for a sister as well as three cats.
I enjoy being in nature, learning new languages, cooking and spending time with my friends.
I grew up on the West Coast of B.C. Ensuring the wellbeing of ALL species that share this space is very important to me.