I was born in 1928 and am the oldest member of my pod and the oldest member of the entire southern Resident community. This makes me the matriarch of our clan. I am the mother of Lolita and I have never got over the loss of my beautiful girl and my heart still goes out to her everyday, even after all this time (over 40 years). I spend most of my time with Mega (L-41) and his sisters and they are very dear to me..

Selilye Claxton 

We are fighting for the future. We are fighting for my great great grandchildren and children unborn who will be the future caretakers of this land. If we don’t fight now, they will ask: Why didn’t they make an effort to stop it? And not only that, what does that say to my mum, my grandfather, my great great grandfather and all the fights they had in the past to protect this land. That is what they fought for. I don’t want their fights to be in vain.