I was born in 1990 and have one offspring: Midnight (L-110) who is as black as midnight! My 2 siblings: Muncher (L-91)and Mystic (L-115) and we  love to be all together.

Susan Rogers

My name is Susan Rogers, and  my “sister whale” is Moonlight who is a beloved  family member of the L- 83 Pod in the Salish Seas.   Like Moonlight,  I  have lived most of my life  in and around the Salish Seas, travelling,  exploring  and learning the science and mythical richness of the seascapes. As a child and now as an “elder”, witnessing  a pod of whales  with their graceful movements, transformative  breath cycles  and unique voices and dialects is a powerful reminder that I have a role in protecting and securing  Moonlight’s  future.

As a  kayaker, orcas have accompanied me on many coastal trips, and their  intricately connected  family structure is expressed in how they protect  and teach their young, and how their matriarchs play a leadership role for the pod. Just like me, moonlight is a sister, a daughter and aunt. The Salish Sea is  Moonlight’s home  and her ancestors have travelled these seas for thousands of years, long before we arrived at these shores. To support their survival, we all need to reflect on where we stand in ongoing  battles between politics, economics , environmental and cultural values. These are all lofty terms, but habitat degradation, industrial pollution and marine traffic  noises are palatable threats to Moonlight and her family.  I was drawn to the  Orca Sounding pod, not only to learn about the remaining orcas, but to celebrate their mystery and magnificence in a spirit of community, where individual voices can collectively join forces, and  thru the power of creative expression can challenge  boundaries of “status quo” thinking,  and where imagination can rise up, and where life in all forms are equally respected and protected . I’m weary of humancentric thinking, and the idea of exploring an orca centric world put a smile on my face! Knowing the intelligence of orcas, I’m sure they are partners in this venture!

My prayer for Moonlight  and her family is to be free, safe and healthy, and to support  her right to live her life and all the complex rituals that sustain her species.  To contemplate the Salish Seas without the spirit of  orcas would be unthinkable , and I hope that my small voice will turn into a cacophony of voices that ecolocate and awaken us from our slumber.