Like the tiny canoe of our logo, bristling with warriors, that confronts a hulking supertanker, the people-powered movement to protect the Salish Sea has the might to make an impact on a global scale.  Indigenous defenders of the land, air and water are achieving victory after victory in the courts. Now, First Nations are taking legal action to stop Kinder Morgan and protect orca whales from tankers and pipelines.

This June 8th is World Oceans Day. Citizens have committed to raise $500,000 to support the legal challenges of the Tsleil Waututh, Squamish, and Coldwater First Nations. These strategic legal actions are what stopped the Enbridge pipeline. Indigenous people have powerful rights, but only if they can raise big money to stand up to big oil.

We who oppose Kinder Morgan are powerful in number.  We have powerful convictions. And we are powerful in our unity with Indigenous peoples whose commitment to protect their traditional territories is unshakeable.

Now in the days and weeks leading up to World Oceans Day, Indigenous nations are calling on you to pull even harder. Join us: Donate, or set up your online fundraiser at Questions? Visit for instructions, tips and a step by step guide to setting up and making the most of your online fundraiser.

This June 8th, let’s Pull Together and stop Kinder Morgan.